OUR Geological & GeoPhysical METHODOLOGY

Our methodology generates the best results

Each property we work with has different geological datasets and different physical challenges. We adjust to our clients’ specific needs by reviewing their data in detail, organizing the information and proposing solutions for the clients’ needs. We work closely with our clients to bring the best results for their property, by following our Ronacher McKenzie Geoscience methodology.

  • Review geology of the area to determine best course of action
  • Compile or digitize any historic data to be included in the 2D and 3D compilations
  • Plan survey, e.g., geophysical, drilling, based on initial review
  • Write tender document for survey
  • Select subcontractor for survey execution
  • Supervise survey in the field, manage exploration program
  • Execute exploration program, e.g., drilling
  • Complete a quality control program to ensure data quality is high
  • Collect all data
  • Analyze all data
  • Integrate data in 3D if possible, otherwise 2D
  • Produce 3D model
  • Interpret data
  • Make conclusions
  • Complete report
  • Make recommendations for future work
  • Present findings to client
  • Assist client with fund raising if required (provide promotional material)