regular machine learning tells you what -  interpretable ai tells you why

Interpretable AI allows the user to explain the output of an algorithm; it helps answer the question "What does this mean?". In the context of exploration, interpretable AI helps us understand complex exploration data. For example, when we work with mineral potential maps we are able to explain why some areas have a higher probability of hosting mineralization than others. Interpretable AI provides insight into the data.


the future of exploration

Taking into account the multitude of data available on your project and distilling it into a justifiable target is an enormously complex task. Probability Map - Machine Learning

Unlock the full value of your data by applying machine learning to your project. Correlate what is known about the geology, geophysics and geochemistry of your mineralization to make predictions about similar conditions nearby. 


Machine learning should be accessible, affordable and understandable. 

Machine Learning SolutionsRonacher McKenzie Geoscience has the capability and expertise to assess and apply machine learning to your exploration project. Teamed up with expert data analysts, the best algorithms can be designed and applied to your project data. 

Let expert geoscientists review your geology, geophysics and geochemistry data and determine if machine learning is applicable to your project.

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