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The Ronacher McKenzie Geoscience Team

The Ronacher McKenzie Geoscience Team has decades of experience in exploration. Our geologists and geophysicists have worked on five continents (North America, South and Central America, Asia, Africa and Europe). We explore in many different geological settings, from old cratons to young volcanic arcs. We have worked on a variety of deposit types, including orogenic, VMS, Sedex, MVT, kimberlite, porphyry, epithermal, sediment hosted Cu and orthomagmatic. The commodities our specialists have worked on range from potash and uranium to diamonds and from base-metals (Cu, Pb, Zn, Au, Ni) to precious metals (Au, platinum group metals). In geophysics, we have expertise in magnetic, electromagnetic, IP/resistivity and gravity, ground penetrating radar, CSAMT, and it all forms: ground, airborne and borehole. Our geophysicists also work with physical rock properties to help understand and characterize mineralized rocks. We speak several languages, including: English, French, Spanish, German, Farsi and Albanian. Our GIS specialists has more than 20 years of experience with geographic information systems and data analysis in 2D.

Our team focuses on our clients’ needs and provides them with custom-tailed solutions for their exploration needs.

Elisabeth Ronacher, PhD, P.Geo.

Principal Geologist


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Elisabeth is a geologist with a passion for ore deposits. Her formal training is in epithermal and porphyry deposits. She worked on the Porgera gold deposit, Papua New Guinea, and on the giant Hugo Dummett Cu-Au porphyry deposits at Oyu Tolgoi, Mongolia among others. During the last ten years, Elisabeth has been involved in exploration for a variety of commodities (including Au, Cu, Pb, Zn, Ni, PGE) and ore deposit types (including orogenic, orthomagmatic, VMS, Sedex, awaruite Ni) worldwide. She received a PhD from the University of Alberta and was a Post-doctoral Fellow at the Colorado School of Mines.

Elisabeth is a member of the Association of Professional Geoscientists of Ontario (APGO), the Society of Economic Geologists (SEG) and the Society of Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits (SGA).

Jenna McKenzie, P.Geo.

Principal Geophysicist


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Jenna McKenzie is co-founder and Principal Geophysicist of Ronacher McKenzie Geoscience Inc. She is passionate about exploration and has extensive field, processing, inversion and interpretation experience with ground, borehole and airborne geophysical methods in early exploration and advanced mining scenarios. Her consulting experience includes multiple commodity and deposit types including diamond, gold, potash and lithium, and porphyry copper, VMS and Sedex.

Jenna is currently on the executive of the Canadian Exploration Geophysical Society (KEGS) and volunteers as Conference Secretary of Exploration ‘17, a Decennial Mineral Exploration Conference (Exploration17.com). She is also a member of the Association of Professional Geoscientists of Ontario (APGO) and the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG).

R.W. Avery

Manager, Field Geology

R.W.(Ron) Avery has acquired three decades of field experience working on a wide variety of uranium, gold and diamond exploration projects ranging from grassroots investigations through to corehole drilling of advanced prospects to deposit status. He is accredited with the discovery and delineation of three gold deposits in the La Ronge Gold Belt in Saskatchewan (Roy Lloyd Mine, EP Deposit, Birch Crossing Deposit) and has evaluated gold prospects and deposits elsewhere throughout Canada, the United States, and south Asia (Myanmar, the Philippines, Indonesia). He is also one of the team members responsible for the discovery and initial delineation of the Fort à la Corne kimberlite cluster in Saskatchewan in 1989.

Mr. Avery’s areas of specialization include: the planning, execution and interpretation of various geochemical surveys (till, soil, MMI, soil gas hydrocarbon); the vectoring of multi- element geochemical data in the definition of hydrothermal alteration towards economic mineralization; the completion of bedrock and trench mapping programs and the interpretation of structural data; and the planning and execution of reverse circulation and corehole drilling of greenfields prospects through to final resource definition.

Trevor Boyd, PhD, P.Geo.

Senior Geologist

Trevor Boyd brings more than 30 years of experience in exploration for a variety of commodities to Ronacher McKenzie Geoscience. Having received a PhD in geology from the University of Toronto in 1996 and an MSc (Applied) MINEX degree from McGill University in 1988, Dr. Boyd has worked in North America, Asia and Europe. Dr. Boyd is experienced in completing property assessment and due diligence studies, running drilling programs and writing technical reports compliant with the NI 43-101. His experience includes base and precious metals, uranium, nickel-copper-PGE and specialty metals projects.

Dr. Boyd is a member of the Association of Professional Geoscientists of Ontario (APGO) and the Northwest Territories and Nunavut Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists (NAPEG).

Brenda Sharp, MSc, P.Geo.

Senior Geophysicist

Brenda received a M.Sc in Geology (with a minor in Physics) from the University of Auckland in 1987. After leaving University, Brenda worked briefly in New Zealand for BP Minerals as a ground geophysicist. Following a move to Australia, she joined Geoterrex Pty Ltd in the office-based airborne data processing team.

In 1995 Brenda moved to Canada and continued the data processing (both in the field and office) of mostly TDEM and magnetic data for CGG Geoterrex-Dighem, followed by Fugro Airborne Surveys. During the course of these years she worked on datasets flown globally in the exploration for many different commodities, gaining expertise in the quality control and processing with a focus on EM. She developed a keen eye for distinguishing between real anomalous features and noise within the background, and picked the anomalies which aided in the discovery of the Matagami Perseverance Deposit.

Brenda later became part of the Interpretation Consulting Services Group and interpreted magnetic, EM and gravity datasets flown in the search for iron ore, groundwater, coal, hydrocarbon, diamond, uranium and base metals. Brenda is a member of the Association of Professional Geoscientists of Ontario (APGO), the Canadian Exploration Geophysical Society (KEGS) and the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada.

Farzaneh Farahani, MSc, GIT

Project Geophysicist

Farzaneh is a Geophysicist with a passion to sustainable exploration and protecting the Environment. She has more than 10 years of implementing and delivering research and exploration geophysical projects.

She started her career at the Institute of Geophysics, University of Tehran in 2004 right after graduating from her bachelor in applied physics. She practiced geophysical data analysis, effective preparation of technical reports and project proposals working at the geomagnetic observatory where she studied and conducted several researches about theoretical aspects of space geophysics and geomagnetic storms.

Being passionate about practical aspects of geophysics, she continued her studies with a Master of Science in Geophysics with a focus on Geomagnetism. She conducted her thesis project on modeling a geothermal resource in Mahallat area, Iran in 2008.

Since then, she has contributed in several geophysical projects including investigating geological features (Fault systems, volcanoes, hot spots, aquifers, etc.) And also mining exploration projects such as Iron, Gold and Uranium mines. She is specialized in geophysical data acquisition, processing and modeling via Magnetic and Electromagnetic methods (Magnetometry, Magnetotellurics, GPR and IP). As part of her experiences she has successfully conducted compliance audits and environmental site assessments phase I&II to recognize the contamination plums and assisted in remediation design to clean up the contaminants from the soil and ground water.

She is a member of Association of Professional Geoscientists in Ontario, (APGO) and Canadian Exploration Geophysical Society (KEGS). She has also volunteered her time for organizing and implementing several National Geophysical conferences in Iran.

Winnie Pun, MSc, BASc, P.Eng.

Project Geophysicist

Winnie Pun is a geophysicist and has been working in the consulting industry since 2012. She received an Hons. B.A.Sc. in Engineering Physics and a M.Sc. in Physics from the University of Toronto. Since then, she has worked with Paterson, Grant and Watson Limited for four years on exploration and mining projects of commodities and deposit types such as gold, base metals, VMS, porphyry, and skarn. Additionally, Winnie has worked on country-wide geophysical surveys as well as provided client training on geophysical data processing using various software.

Winnie is a member of the Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO); she is also the secretary administrator of the KEGS Foundation (Canadian Exploration Geophysical Society Foundation).

Tania Poehlman, MSc

Lands Manager

Tania is a lands manager dedicated to maximizing exploration dollars and mitigating risk through effective lands management. She has extensive experience managing land assets in multi-jurisdictional frameworks across the world. Tania received an M.Sc. in Fluvial Geomorphology from the University of Guelph in 1996. Since then, her consulting portfolio has included geoscience work in exploration as well as IT management. With strong organizational and communication skills, her focus organically evolved into lands and data management. In addition to supporting and optimizing clients' land assets, Tania actively contributes to a number of governing advisory committees in the mining and exploration sector.

Luc Harnois, PhD, P.Geo. (Quebec)

Senior Geologist

Luc has more than 20 years of experience in exploration in North America, Africa and Asia. He has executed and managed a variety of exploration programs including drilling (diamond, reverse circulation and rotary air blast), soil sampling and mapping. He has experience in geochemical exploration in deeply weathered terrains, is used to working in remote areas and has mentored many junior geologists. Luc has managed large teams and mentored many junior geologists. Luc received a PhD from Carleton University in 1987. He is fluent in French and English.

Jason Adam

GIS Specialist

Jason Adam has more than 20 years of experience in mineral resource GIS analysis. Jason specializes in geographic data acquisition, creation, analysis and storage. His 2D analyses help the Ronacher McKenzie Geoscience geologist and geophysicists with their data analysis and interpretation. Jason also provides custom-tailored maps and figures for our clients.