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RMG at SIMEW 2018

May 10, 2018 / by Elisabeth Ronacher

The PDAC’s Student Industry Mineral Exploration Workshop (“SIMEW”; is currently taking place in northern Ontario. Every spring, the PDAC brings together the top geoscience students in the country to participate in this workshop.


Ronacher McKenzie’s Principal Geologist, Elisabeth Ronacher, again had the opportunity to present to and interact with the 26 students. Elisabeth gave a presentation about 3D and resource modelling, talking about topics that may not be taught as part of an undergraduate curriculum. In particular, she stressed that a 3D model allows us to compile and integrate all data collected in the field and that interpreting this integrated dataset will provide a much better understanding of the project and improve targeting overall. This process increases the odds of discovery and forms the basis of more advanced resources estimates. Some students were particularly interested in this topic and indicated they would try 3D modelling with public domain data using free software.

Elisabeth really appreciated that the PDAC gave her the opportunity to be a part of SIMEW. It is a pleasure to interact with some of the most motivated geology students in Canada. They will be the future of exploration.

Topics: 3D Modelling, Speaking Engagements, Industry Events