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Presentation to U of T Earth Science Class

Posted by Jenna McKenzie January 19, 2018 | Industry Events

U of T

On Wednesday, January 17, Principal Geophysicist Jenna McKenzie was invited to talk to the second-year Earth System Evolution class about possible career paths in the Earth Sciences. This was organized through the University of Toronto Career Exploration and Education's Explore It program.

Exploration 17 Focuses on Integrating The Geosciences

Posted by Jenna McKenzie August 15, 2017 | Industry Events

Every ten years, the mineral exploration industry gathers in Toronto to participate in a conference to discuss our challenges, showcase innovation, and promote integration between Geology, Geophysics, Geochemistry and Remote Sensing.

These conferences, now under the official entity of DMEC, the Decennial Mineral Exploration Conferences group, have been held in the seventh year of every decade, starting in 1967.

Luncheon With The Honourable Michael H. Wilson, Chancellor

Posted by Jenna McKenzie June 26, 2017 | Industry Events

In May, I was invited to a special luncheon hosted by the Chancellor of the University of Toronto, the Honourable Michael H. Wilson, P.C., C.C., B.COM., LL.D.

Mr. Wilson is a Canadian diplomat, politician and business leader. He is a Companion of the Order of Canada and holds honorary degrees from the University of Toronto, Trinity College at the University of Toronto, York University, the University of Calgary, and the Royal Military College of Canada.

University of Toronto Earth Science Ring Ceremony, 2017

Posted by Jenna McKenzie May 7, 2017 | Industry Events

On April 20th, 2017, Jenna McKenzie spoke to the University of Toronto Earth Science graduating class at the "Earth Ring" ceremony.

The Earth Science Ring Ceremony, is a ritual of welcome into the profession of newly qualified geologists and geophysicists was started in Alberta in 1975. The ceremony carries many of the same passages written by Kipling for the Engineers' Iron Ring Ceremony, and symbolizes the commitment and responsibility that come with geoscience profession. The ring is marked with the cossed hammer of geology, and with the seismic trace of geophysics. 

Ronacher McKenzie Geoscience speaking at PDAC 2017 conference

Posted by Elisabeth Ronacher February 24, 2017 | Speaking Engagements

We will be delivering a talk titled “Intelligent Exploration Data Integration: A Roadmap to Success”. With examples of innovative data integration and related field services, this talk will demonstrate how an integrated approach to exploration data accelerates the path to discovery. The talk will take place on Monday, March 6th at 2pm in the Northern Ontario Pavilion (6109N)

Jenna McKenzie Of Ronacher McKenzie Geoscience Is Lead Organizer for The 2017 Annual "KEGS" Symposium

Posted by Jenna McKenzie February 1, 2017 | Industry Events

Jenna McKenzie of Ronacher McKenzie Geoscience Inc. is organizing this year’s annual Canadian Exploration Geophysical Society (“KEGS”) Symposium, to take place the Saturday March 4th, 2017, the day before the start of the PDAC. Hosted at the Intercontinental Hotel, Jenna McKenzie, the 2017 KEGS Vice President, has helped organize a variety of exceptional talks on the theme “Innovation and New Methods in Geophysics” along with her fellow KEGS executive members. Registration is now open at

Ronacher McKenzie Geoscience At Roundup 2017

Posted by Elisabeth Ronacher January 5, 2017 | Industry Events

Ronacher McKenzie Geoscience will attend the AME Roundup 2017 from January 22 to 26, 2017.

Jenna McKenzie of Ronacher McKenzie Geoscience Inc. Volunteering At Exploration '17

Posted by Jenna McKenzie January 1, 2017 | Industry Events

We are in the homestretch of planning for the decennial mineral exploration conference Exploration ’17. Hosted every year in Toronto, Exploration ’17 brings together mineral explorationists from all over the world to discuss the latest developments and to reflect on the past ten years and looking towards the next ten. Jenna McKenzie of Ronacher McKenzie Geoscience Inc., is volunteering as Conference Secretary, and is busy planning this exciting event. Please visit to view the technical program and register for this exciting conference.

Ronacher McKenzie Geoscience Contributes to Siemens Picture of the Future of Mining

Posted by Jenna McKenzie November 15, 2016 | Industry Contributions

In an attempt to understand future developments in exploration and mining, SIEMENS is gathering opinions from industry leaders, government and academia on the exploration and mining industry in decades to come. SIEMENS requested Ronacher McKenzie Geoscience to contribute to SIEMENS’ Picture of the Future Mining 2030.

Jenna McKenzie of Ronacher McKenzie Geoscience Invited to Talk to Women in Mining Technical Committee in Toronto

Posted by Jenna McKenzie September 21, 2016 | Speaking Engagements

Jenna McKenzie of Ronacher McKenzie Geoscience was invited to give a talk at the newly-formed Women in Mining Technical Committee of Toronto.