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Advice for new graduates entering the exploration and mining industry

Posted by Jenna McKenzie, Elisabeth Ronacher Apr 5, 2018 1:14:45 PM | Industry Contributions, Speaking Engagements, Meet The Team

From time to time, we are asked to talk with University students about transitioning to working in industry. This is something we both really enjoy doing. We can relate to all of the questions and the uncertainties students feel while they are studying, and just what could lay beyond the ivory tower.

Meet The Team - Brenda Sharp, Senior Geophysicist

Posted by Jenna McKenzie Jun 19, 2017 8:00:00 AM | Meet The Team

We're very pleased to introduce you to another talented member of our team - Brenda Sharp, Senior Geophysicist at Ronacher McKenzie Geoscience. Brenda shares with us a little background on her early career influences, and some experiences working in Australia and Canada, in this meet the team post.

Sharing Experiences at the U of T Earth Ring Ceremony

Posted by Jenna McKenzie May 9, 2017 11:40:51 AM | Speaking Engagements, Industry Events, Meet The Team

On April 20th, 2017, I was honoured to speak to the University of Toronto Earth Science graduating class at the "Earth Ring" ceremony.

The Earth Science Ring Ceremony was started at the University of Alberta in 1975, and has been adopted by other academic instituations across Canada. It's a ritual of welcome into the profession for newly qualified geologists and geophysicists. Each graduating student is presented with a ring, marked with the cossed hammer of geology and with the seismic trace of geophysics. It symbolizes the commitment and responsibility that comes with the geoscience profession. 

Meet the team - Farzaneh Farahani, Project GeoPhysicist

Posted by Jenna McKenzie Apr 21, 2017 11:15:44 AM | Meet The Team

Farzaneh Farahani is a Project Geophysicist with Ronacher McKenzie Geoscience, with more than 10 years implementing and delivering research and exploration geophysical projects. She is a geophysicist with a passion for sustainable exploration to protect the environment, and brings extensive experience and knowledge to our team.

We’d like to share with you Farzaneh’s story.