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Women Geoscientists in Canada

Dec 7, 2020 10:12:31 AM / by Farzaneh Farahani

As a Geoscience consulting company founded by two women, Ronacher McKenzie Geoscience is passionate about increasing the gender balance in geosciences. 

However, as the statistics show there are less women geoscientists actively holding leadership or executive positions compared to men, despite gender parity at graduation being a reality for the last 25 years. This is a barrier to having an active and dynamic industry. A more diverse technical society can perform better as people with different mindsets and points of views, can bring various ideas and thoughts to the field, both from technical and business aspects as well as personal experiences. 

Unconscious bias, although not malicious, has led to fewer opportunities to become board members, conference session chairs, speakers or panelists. 

All of the above have led to the formation of Women Geoscientists in Canada, a non-profit organization, to help connect with fellow professional, qualified female geoscientists. WGC has a goal to elevate these women, to promote them and their scientific contributions, and to encourage them to continue careers in geology, geophysics, and geochemistry.

Ronacher McKenzie Geoscience is a proud sponsor of Women Geoscientists in Canada. In addition, Jenna McKenzie, co-founder of Ronacher McKenzie Geoscience, and Farzaneh Farahani, a geophysicist at Ronacher McKenzie Geoscience, are among the board members of the WGC. This group is primarily made up of women in technical roles in geology, geophysics, and related disciplines. WGC invites and includes supporters from all genders, and advocates for increased gender balance within our fields.

​To find out more about this new initiative and joining us in this path, please visit the website Women Geoscientists in Canada and connect with the online Slack community. 

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Farzaneh Farahani

Written by Farzaneh Farahani